Athen 2018 – Kickboxing World Champion

The Martial Art World Championships in Athens attracted over 1800 participants from 48 nations throughout the week. In the disciplines point karate, point kickboxing, full contact kickboxing and full contact with low kicks, the Swiss were also at the start. In the summer of 2018, three Haslifighters (Patricia Berlingieri, Aaron Pickering and Mike Jantschgi), physiotherapist Salomon Frei and coach Antonio Berlingieri also qualified for the World Cup. In addition to the Hasler, the Swiss national team consisted of a total of 25 athletes, 4 coaches and 2 physiotherapists. Overall Swiss could win 6 world championship titles, 7 runner-up titles and 6 bronze medals. Hasli went to 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals and a bronze medal.
Aaron Pickering was at the World Championship for the first time. With speed and a brilliant tactic and he was able to fight his way to the semi-final against Germany and Mexico. There he defeated his counterpart from Canada and received at the end of the week his first and well-deserved bronze medal.

Patricia Berlingieri managed to successfully defend her world champion title against the USA for veterans +35 years. In the preliminary rounds she beat Germany, Canada and Austria.
With the seniors -35 years she succeeded in the finals. There had just beaten against a younger opponent from England and thus secured the Vice World Champion title. In the preliminary rounds she won against the USA, Germany and Belgium. Patricia Berlingier wins her 4th title in a row with this World Cup.

Mike Jantschgi, like his team-mate, was able to fight his way into the final with veterans +35 and seniors 18-35. In veterans + 35 years he won the preliminary rounds against England, USA and Austria. In the final, he then had to give up a lead in the first round, unfortunately beaten in the second round against Canada shortly before the end. In the second final of the seniors 18-35 years, he won the preliminary round against Canada, Germany and Bulgaria. Unfortunately, in the final he had to narrowly defeat the younger and reigning World Champion last year from Austria.

Coach and coach Antonio Berlingieri is more than happy with his 3 fighters. The preparations were very hard and intense during the last 12 weeks. The more proud Berlingieri was after the results achieved. He has not won a whole medal set so far. 1x gold, 3x silver and 1x bronze. At the moment Berlingieri does not think too much about the future. Currently, the recovery phase is important and celebrating or celebrating the successes achieved. The year 2019 is still far. But he could already reveal that the 2019 World Cup will be held in Austria and in 2020 in Canada. Whether the Haslifighters will also be back at the start, then we learn in the summer of 2019 after the qualification phase.