Uster – 09/02/2019

Information about WKU SWISS “Fight Night” Uster 

On 09. Februar 2019 in Uster, WKU SWISS in cooperation with the Zensportschule Illnau organized Fight Night – Uster. This event was made possible by the main sponsors ARI SPORT and MIKE SPORT as well as other sponsors like AlbaKos, Malesia Reisen, Kanal Blitz, Hair Factory, Garage Sylaj, First Cars, AKS, Club Relax, Zurich, Flüro, Hair Vision etc. Also a big special thanks goes to the spectators who have appeared numerous and a big thank you goes to the many fighters who took part.

At the Fight Night – Volketswil was intended to fight many fighters in different categories. The results of the evening are the following:

  1. Denis Muaremoski vs Patrick Graf – (63.5 kg)
    Win Patrick Graf
  2. Wefa Mohamadi vs Balu Birchler – (-70 kg)
    Am. EM
    Win Balu Birchler
  3. Albin Limani vs Hadis Ramadani – (-70 kg)
    AM. EM.
    Win Albin Limani
  4. Filip Bozinovski vs Miraddjedin Rahim – (80 kg)
    Win Filip Bozinovski
  5. Roustand Mballa vs Dialli Alushi – (+85 kg)
    Win Roustand Mballa
  6. Darko Jovic vs Behar Sadiku – (77 kg)
    Win Behar Sadiku – KO
  7. Alexander Velikovic vs Arsim Etemi – (78 kg)
    Win Arsim Etemi
  8. Carlota De Chechhi vs Linda Schlup – (-60 kg)
    Win Carlota De Chechhi
  9. Martina Canino vs Shana Heglin – (-60 kg)
    Win Shana Heglin
  10. Jessica Marazzi vs Veronica Vernocchi – (57 kg)
    Win Veronica Vernocchi