The Story 7

Information about The Story 7

On 11. May 2019 in Arau, Brothers Gym in cooperation with WKU SWISS organized The Story 7. This event was made possible by sponsors like Brothers Gym, Brothers Gym Fitness,, S4fe, Terminus, das Team, Asimo, Hotel Ibis, Top Speed Trans, Multi Point, Solo Reisen, Kazim Carman, Rodec AG, Protega, Aupack GmbH, Gourmet 53etc.

Also a big special thanks goes to the spectators who have appeared numerous and a big thank you goes to the many fighters who took part.

The results of the evening are as follows:

  1. Drilon Coma vs Beqir Limani – (60 kg)
    Kids Boxen
    Win Beqir Limani
  2. Enes Gokbulut vs Teri Freiburghaus – (-66 kg)
    Win Teri Freiburghaus
  3. Mirko Jovanovic vs Balu Birchler – (70 kg)
    Win Balu Birchler
  4. Ismail Khalaoui vs Edi Shehaj – (71 kg)
    Win Edi Shehaj
  5. Antonio Zovak vs Rahim Miradjeddjm – (80 kg)
    Win Rahim Miradjeddjm
  6. Sazan Mehmedi vs Michalis Karamusketas (110 kg)
    World Champion
    Win Sazan Mehmedi